Brain Entrainment Toolkit

Brain Entrainment Toolkit 2.0

You can create your meditation tracks, mix tones with ambient atmospheres
2.0 (See all)

You can create your own powerful meditation tracks, mix tones with ambient atmospheres and MP3s from your song collection. If you purchase our software you will receive a detailed tutorial describing how you can make your own CDs for yourself or to sell, without the need for a commercial license.
Brainwave entrainment is a scientifically proven method to induce a desired brainwave frequency through the application of audio stimuli. By listening to powerful binaural tones the brain reacts with a frequency following response. For example, by listening to a theta tone of 4.5HZ for a period of time, the brain alters it's frequency to match the entrainment frequency and puts the listener into a state of meditation experienced traditionally by Zen Masters.
With brainwave entrainment you can experience blissful states of relaxation and awareness. You can explore mystical states of reality and can develop visualization skills which will make the Law of Attraction work effectively for you. You will experience powerful creative and intuitional skills as you tap into your latent genious. Some people unlock their their psychic abilities, travel on the Astral plane and explore the consciousness of the Shaman. Other people are able to experience blissful states of meditation or to develop super learning abilities and to increase their IQ.The beauty is you will be able to develop whatever condition you are seeking with very little effort.

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